The Frocabulary

A.F.R.O. (af-roh)- Acronym for All Female Revolutionary Organization, a covert organization started in Oakland the 1970’s by the widows of Black Panthers and civil right activists.
Afronaut (af-roh-nawt) noun- Those with a natural sense of adventure who travel far and wide while maintaining their natural hair care support system.



Afroverse (af-roh-vurs) noun- The combined collective experience of all things Afro and Fro Life related.


Frolice (froh-lees) noun- Protectors of natural hair in all its various forms, shapes and sizes.


Fro Life (froh-lahyf) noun1: The act of maintaining a natural hairstyle and all that it entails. 


Fro-Zen (froh-zen) adjective- A deep feeling of inner peace that springs not from the outward appearance of one’s hair but rather their own acceptance of their hair no matter what.